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Amber Chiang - Singer/Songwriter Voice/Piano Instructor

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To Miss Amber  from Maggie

from Mia

Amber met me at her door with a smile on her face although I was much too early due to my over active excitement at arriving for my first lesson.  Her first words were, "I'm so proud of you."  That was a complement connected to my age of 83. I could have hugged her. Our lesson consisted of warming up my vocal cords after a long period of not singing.  It was because of my hearing loss, that I was having trouble pitch wise and this would be something for me to work on besides my breathing.  Amber's lesson was exactly what I needed and I can't wait for my next lesson.

                                                         ~ Carole Y

I have learned more from Amber than my previous instructor in a fraction of the time.

                                               ~ Rachael N

She's a great teacher! Very informative. I feel that my singing has improved!

                                              ~  Stephanie Chen

Amber is warm, kind, and happy. She's lovely with the children. They had a great time with her. They're very excited to see her again next Monday. Thanks Amber.  B. Walbridge

Thank you for keeping the girls interested in piano and making it fun.  They've enjoyed their lessons and actually like practicing without me having to nag them.  Have a wonderful summer and best of luck with everything.

                                                    ~ Grace W

Wow! I'm impressed, Amber! Your songs moved me and what a nice website you have. So nice, in fact, that I'm going to "borrow" two of your ideas if you don't mind!!! LOL!! It was especially touching to see your students being brought into the "family". I'm sure that they all really love and appreciate you in their lives. May the Divine Creator continue to bless and keep you and your family." 

                                     ~ Anthony Stevens 

Thank you Amber for being an awesome teacher and catering to our busy schedule.  Plus, being so patient with our kids.                      ~ Sonny V. 


Mrs. Chiang is a wonderful piano teacher- she always answers my questions in a way that I am able to easily understand. I love how she always makes sure that I fully understand the concept and the basics of what we are learning. She also focuses on important factors on piano playing- for example, the dynamics! She also helps me get what I need to learn something; she got me a scale book because I really wanted to start learning all the different scales. After our lessons, I feel motivated to practice playing the piano even more because of what I learned. I am grateful to have Mrs. Chiang as my piano teacher!     ~ Myrrha G.

Taking voice lesson with Amber is a real treat! While she is serious in teaching me how to sing correctly, how to interpret the music, she is also a lot of fun to work with. She would act to the music to show me the difference in singing a Broadway musical versus singing a classical Italian song. She teaches me how to pronounce English, Italian and Latin correctly. I really enjoy taking voice lesson from her.      ~ Lily T.

She is a very kind and jolly teacher whose main motive is to have the student learn. I always finish our lessons feeling very enlightened, and I'm very glad that I have Mrs. Chiang as a piano teacher!        ~ Francis G.

Amber, Thanks so much for helping Elias with piano. Although he is now playing clarinet, your tutoring was very helpful.  We are very grateful that we had your help to give Eli such a good foundation in music!  - Troy playing clarinet, your tutoring was very helpful. We are very grateful that we had your help to give Eli such a good foundation in music!!now playing clarinet, your tutoring was very helpful. We are very grateful that we had your help to give Eli such a good foundation in music!!