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What You Need to Know to Be a Great Sight Reader

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mini-course called Sight Reading Basics


Many students have difficulty when it comes to sight reading their music. This course demystifies sight reading so that you read quickly and confidently. This course includes the following lessons: Lesson 1 - A Quick Way of Recognizing Intervals when Sight Reading - Recognizing intervals will greatly improve your sight reading by recognizing patterns for much quicker reading. Lesson 2 - The Secret to Learning Keyboard Topography - Creating a deep understanding of how the keyboard is laid out is essential for sight reading competence. Lesson 3 - The Top 5 Tips to Sight Reading Proficiency Lesson 4 - The One Mistake that a Lot of People Make when First Playing a Piano Piece Lesson 5 - The One Thing You Should Do Right before You Start Playing NOTE: This mini-course is also included in the course The Essential Piano Skills You Need to Progress.

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