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Imagine sitting at the piano and being able to play your favorite piece and/or sing a song.


 🎹 It's never too late to learn 🎶

⭐ Amber is an amazing teacher!! Patient, kind and a veteran in her field, she knows exactly how to guide her student even through online classes.                                                                      ~ Aparna U


➡️ Want to improve your brain and your health? I can help!  My students have enjoyed their lessons and love being able to play their favorite piece for their own enjoyment or for family and friends; or sing their favorite songs at home or karaoke with friends!


💖 With all the health benefits of learning music, don't delay, get started today!


You can choose between either of these or both!

🎵 Private 1 on 1 Virtual Piano and Voice Lessons using Facetime, Zoom or Google Meet

       ♪ Limited in-person lessons.

       ♪ Free 15 minute virtual consultation. 

       ♪ Bi-weekly lessons available, if schedule permits.


🎵 Online Piano Courses on the basic essential foundations in learning                                       music and playing piano.

       ♪ Self-paced lessons so you have access at your own convenience.

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