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Online Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners
Private 1:1 Lessons, Online Piano Courses

Benefits of Online Lessons:

  • No travel necessary/time saving

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home 

  • Easy set up - using Lap Top or Tablet set on the side 

  • Enhanced focus in communication and learning ability

Benefits of Learning Piano as an Adult

  • Reduces stress

  • Improves memory, hand/eye coordination, brain function

  • Helps prevent age-related illnesses

  • Inspires creativity


  • Your kids learned piano and now it’s your turn!

  • You always wanted to play piano, but never got the chance to learn and you’re ready now!

  • You quit piano lessons as a kid and now you’d love to play for real!


➡️ The big problem is that most lessons and videos focus too much on just playing songs and miss out on the fundamentals.

Does this sound familiar?


You're trying to learn piano but:


  • The videos you watch are too fast for you to follow along and learn from properly

  • You know what to do but your fingers just don't cooperate and don't feel strong enough 

  • You start getting uncomfortable after playing for a short amount of time but don’t know how to sit in a way that prevents that

  • Reading notes seems too difficult and you’re not sure where to look



What if:


  • Everything you needed to know was broken down into clear, easy to follow instructions?

  • You're given the exercises you need to build up the finger strength you need to play

  • You know exactly how to sit and what to look out for so you are comfortable and injury safe

  • You get confident with reading the notes and feeling where the notes are on the keyboard so you’re not constantly looking back and forth from the music to your hands



Learn in a fun, no pressure, flexible environment; my expertise with 25 plus years experience will guide you to achieve your goals.


adult male piano student

Phil's children all got piano lessons, but he never got to learn.  Now that his children are grown up he's finally able to take lessons.  

He started with me at Level One and has gone through to the highest level, and now he picks pieces to play for his own enjoyment, still challenging himself as well as playing familiar pieces.

➡️ If you're a total beginner, I've got a FREE Intro course for you!


🎹  If you're an adult who needs a piano refresher, this is the perfect course!

The Essential Piano Skills You Need to Progress - is an online self-paced course designed for busy adults.

Learning piano doesn't need to be overwhelming with these detailed lessons, and email access to me to answer your questions.


Join the Membership Community called Piano Lab where you can ask questions, post videos and get feedback on your piano playing. This button will take you to the Pricing Plans. 

Get the confidence, knowledge and skill to play music you love.

Click for a FREE Checklist of The Top 9 Steps to Learn Any Piano Piece:


Piano Lessons, Singing Lessons,
       Jazz/pop Vocalist


Amber is the best teacher in Irvine! She is informative, funny and a pleasure to be around.

She teaches voice and piano and has a strong sense of musicality.

I'd recommend her for a student of any age, especially those who are starting out, since she's great at helping students build a solid music foundation!!! ~ Steph Chen 

Amber is such an inspirational teacher.

She is very passionate about music, teaching, and is very patient.

She clearly loves what she does and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be her student.

In just a few months, I have learned so much and feel so grateful to her!  ~ Gana Mody

Piano Student

Amber is a vastly experienced and knowledgeable teacher.

She tailored the lessons to my specific needs - someone returning to piano after 20 years - and provided a wide range of learning materials, from specific technique exercises to book recommendations and music theory quides/handouts.

Her lessons were structured and well organised but also flexible enough to change direction/focus when called for. Amber is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend her!    ~ Henry Langston

Piano student

Amber is awesome. She is very encouraging, Especially with me.

I have a crazy schedule and don’t always get to practice as much as I want to.

She lets me go at my pace and if Im having trouble with things and don’t feel like I can move on then we work on my trouble spots, but she never rushes me.

She is very easy to talk to about all subjects and she’s just all around great I definitely recommend her!!!  

            ~ Tamara White

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