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Piano & Voice Lessons for Health and Enjoyment!
Private 1:1 Live Lessons and
Adult Online Piano Courses

Is this YOU? 

  • you’d love to play some songs on the piano or sing for your own enjoyment or for family and friends or for an audition  

  • you regret quitting and you’re ready to pursue it again  

  • you’d like a creative outlet or hobby to keep your mind active

  • you’d like your child to experience the joy of making music as well as improving cognitive learning, physical coordination and all of the many benefits

  • you’d like to have live music entertainment with a jazz/pop vocalist who will delight your audience

As an instructor, my expertise and patience teaching children as well as adults will guide you in a fun, no pressure, flexible environment, learning at your own pace.  

➡️ If you're an adult who needs a piano refresher, this is the perfect course!

And if you're a beginner, I've got a FREE Intro course for you!

The Essential Piano Skills You Need to Progress - is an online self-paced course designed for busy adults. Learning piano doesn't need to be overwhelming, and you don't have to do it alone.

Taking an online course is about making a change in your life and fulfilling your dream.


I'm passionate about guiding you so that you can stop feeling frustrated, and start taking focused action towards real progress. 


Get the confidence, knowledge and skill to play music you love.

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Piano Lessons, Singing Lessons,
       Jazz/pop Vocalist


Amber is the best teacher in Irvine! She is informative, funny and a pleasure to be around.

She teaches voice and piano and has a strong sense of musicality.

I'd recommend her for a student of any age, especially those who are starting out, since she's great at helping students build a solid music foundation!!! ~ Steph Chen 

Amber is such an inspirational teacher.

She is very passionate about music, teaching, and is very patient.

She clearly loves what she does and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to be her student.

In just a few months, I have learned so much and feel so grateful to her!  ~ Gana Mody


Amber is good at blending theory and practice and does excellent job in instilling proper techniques for playing piano.     ~ Dinesh R

Amber is a vastly experienced and knowledgeable teacher.

She tailored the lessons to my specific needs - someone returning to piano after 20 years - and provided a wide range of learning materials, from specific technique exercises to book recommendations and music theory quides/handouts.

Her lessons were structured and well organised but also flexible enough to change direction/focus when called for. Amber is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend her!    ~ Henry Langston


Amber, I'm enjoying your music over here in New Zealand, what a beautiful and indeed mesmerizing vocal you have.      ~ Glenn Sullivan

Amber is awesome. She is very encouraging, Especially with me.

I have a crazy schedule and don’t always get to practice as much as I want to.

She lets me go at my pace and if Im having trouble with things and don’t feel like I can move on then we work on my trouble spots, but she never rushes me.

She is very easy to talk to about all subjects and she’s just all around great I definitely recommend her!!!  

            ~ Tamara White

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