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My Love Journey song descriptions:

“My Love Journey” album contains 13 songs.  Here is a short background on each song.  Two of the songs I entered into a song contest, just for fun; and got Honorable Mention!   Click the Title link to see lyrics!

1. “A Good Thing” is a more upbeat song that opens the album, and the only one where we used electric piano.  I was inspired by the Brazilian singer, Tania Maria.  It is based on the theme, “It is better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all.”  Don’t you agree?  

2. “When We Love” This song oozes passion, a dreamy romance.  I wrote this a long time ago when we thought it was live for today; tomorrow may never come.  I still believe in seizing the moment and enjoying the present!

3. “We Never Got to Know Each Other” is a slow ballad written in a minor key; the feeling is like strangers passing in the night.  I wrote this song in 4/4 time, and changed the bridge to 3/4 time to create a feeling of blissfulness, but it’s bittersweet.   

4. “Alone in this World” was inspired by the Beatles’ playing with time change within a song.  This song is written in 4/4 time with a few measures of 3/4 in the middle.  See if you can hear it!  One of the Beatles’ songs is “We Can Work It Out”.  I submitted it in a song contest just for fun, and got Honorable Mention.

5. “Baby Be Smart” is one of the first songs I ever wrote.  I was walking around the Seaport, NYC on my lunch hour, and just starting singing this song.  When I got back to my desk, I quickly wrote the words down so I wouldn’t forget them.  It’s written in the third person (actually, I’m talking to myself) giving advice saying, don’t bother with the wrong one!  Also, submitted in the contest and got recognition.

6. “Let Me Know” This song is about being in a relationship, but not knowing if the partner is truly committed.  Don’t lead me on!  I need to know where I stand.  Communication is so important in life!  

7. “No Time for Me” I listened a lot to Laura Nyro.  This song style was inspired by her.  It is about being in a relationship that’s definitely not working.  Man, I picked the wrong guy again!!!

8. “Broken Hearted”, is a song lamenting the state of being broken hearted; and trying desperately to move on.  This is definitely the low point.  It gets better from here!

9. “Time Heals All”, this song can almost be applied to other tragic events in life; mourning loss; trying to get through each day, and hoping that time will heal the heartache and the wounds.

10. “Once More, Encore”, I wrote this song during my French phase.  It’s half in French (very elementary) and half in English.  The song is about taking a chance on love, again.  After getting through all the hurt and pain, should I fall in love again?  Mais oui! Bien sur!  Of course!

11. “I Never Asked”, One day I was talking to a friend about this guy I was seeing; and I realized that I didn’t know him at all.  I think sometimes we project onto someone what we want them to be, but that isn’t who they really are.  In my mind, I had created a fantasy man; but who was he really?  I never asked. 

12. “New Beginnings”, everyone loves a new beginning; a chance to start fresh, like springtime, when nature is reborn.


 13. “Just You and Me”; after all the bad, crazy relationships I went through, I have finally found the man for me!  So, after many years of sad songs, I had to write one to celebrate this union.  

"Christmas Together"  is released as a single. I wanted to write a song of what Christmas means to me and to celebrate the joys of this special day.

"Footprints", music by Wayne Shorter; lyrics by Amber Chiang.

Such a haunting melody, I had to write some lyrics to it.


"Amsterdam After Dark", music by George Coleman, Sr; lyrics by Amber Chiang.  I love this song and had to write some lyrics to it.  I even got to perform it with George at the Village Vanguard in NYC!

"Sugar", music by Stanley Turrentine; lyrics by Amber Chiang.  I only knew this song as an instrumental, and thought it needed some lyrics.


"Think On Me", music by George Cables; lyrics by Amber Chiang.  This title intrigued me, and inspired me to write some lyrics.

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