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My music is drawn from my life experiences.  My influences are mostly from jazz artists, a combination of Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn and Betty Carter, as well as Latin influences from various Brazilian artists.  I also grew up listening to rock, folk and pop.  So, at times, the music is a mixture of genres.  Click on the links to preview and purchase my songs, and videos to enjoy!

"My Love Journey"


- Songs from the heart.  This album is a collection of 13 songs I wrote through the ups and downs, struggles and insights of relationships. It features Ron Kobayashi, jazz pianist extraordinaire. 

Two of the songs on the album I entered into the Billboard World Song Contest just for fun, and received Honorable Mention! 


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jjazz vocalist pop singer songwriter

"Christmas Together"

      is a song about the joys of Christmas together.

Hello Amber, I just listened to “Alone in this World".  Great sound and excellent vocals!    ~ Brian Conway



Enjoying your musical creativity. Lovely.  - Toby


Your music has great atmosphere and what a beautiful and very impressive vocal!    - Keld S


Enjoyed your music  very much - David J

What a lovely voice Amber, nice job   ~ Jaykle 


amazing ... love and noble respect  ~ Sami A.

 Amber, Beautiful voice and ""A Good Thing" is on my stereo...really great mix and performance. '''Let Me Know''' is so pretty and you sing so beautifully.   ~  Roy Cost, Arkansas


Very accomplished music and voice - both seasoned and soothing.  ~ Passion-Precision Project


Amber has the ability to sing a multitude of different styles of music (Latin, Jazz, ballads, Swing) with her unique blend of classical training and jazz performance, giving each song a new refreshing sound.     ~ Thomas Reich


Nice to listen to your velvet voice to wind my evening down. "Baby  Be Smart" is a great song and nice to hear an electric piano on "A Good Thing".   ~ Hollis Earl

"My Love Journey"

Enjoyed listening to your outstanding music! Splendid performances!  K.C.


Beautiful Style and voice!   - Rolan


Your singing and music "moves" me"!! So Excellent!!!   - Dan R.


Excellence, Very Well Done.  - Enoch A.


Enjoy your beautiful songs. Love your musical selection! -  Colleen M.


You have a great voice for the standards and I really enjoyed listening to you a lot!       - Rick G.


A beautiful playlist of songs sung to perfection!   - William U.

This recommendation is a pleasure to give after listening to 

Amber's music.  Clearly a gifted musician.  As an individual with

a passion for music like many, I strongly suggest you connect with

Amber and also listen to her music on Youtube.  You will be

thankful you did.    ~ Paul L Odendahl

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