Imagine being able to sit at the piano and play a piece, or sing with confidence.

Your lessons and repertoire are customized to suit you. You'll learn at your own pace in a fun, no pressure environment, and you're welcome to bring songs you'd like to learn.  Included with your lessons, you'll also get the opportunity to perform in recitals twice a year, email support, weekly lesson notes, progress reports, recordings, performance classes, fun learning activities and supplemental music!

Amber is an excellent teacher and lovely person!!!!! 

       ~ Stefania M


It's important to make learning fun so that each student will be challenged and have a sense of accomplishment and desire to progress.


My daughters have been taking lessons from Amber Chiang for years!  She’s great with kids and let's them choose pieces they are interested in.   ~ Thuy N.

 All ages are welcome! 

Amber is a very good teacher, very patient!   ~ Yiren W

Amber has been teaching my daughter for about six months and has helped her make great progress. She's teaching her proper technique, rhythm, how to read music, and more. She is a great teacher.  ~ Karen C

There are so many benefits to learning music. 

It's exciting and rewarding, and a skill to last your whole life!

Singing Lessons

       For fun and enjoyment…..


Includes the fundamentals of singing:

*  How to breathe properly

*  How to produce a tone

*  Intonation

*  Increase vocal range

*  How to get more volume

*  Song interpretation

Piano Lessons

       For fun and enjoyment…..

Includes the fundamentals of music:

*  How to read staff music

*  Music theory

*  Basic scales, chords

*  Rhythm

*  Music notations

I never knew I could get piano progress report.

You're so amazing and dedicated in teaching.

We really appreciate your time, patience and great help.

        ~ Jackie S