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Adult Online Piano Courses

Instant Access Courses

Learning piano doesn’t need to be overwhelming, and you don't have to do it alone. These courses address the most common problems you face.

  • Maybe you're an adult who has been playing for a bit, but feel like you're not making enough progress

  • Or maybe you've forgotten what you learned as a child.

These are self-paced online courses that give you instant access upon purchasing!  Watch the lessons in your own time, when time allows, and gain a TON of knowledge. 

Hi, I'm Amber, and I created these courses to help adult piano learners like you get over the challenges you're facing and gain the knowledge and technical skills to play the music you only dreamed of playing.  


With these lessons, you'll make great progress and feel a sense of accomplishment. You'll find such great joy in playing piano.

With over 25 years of experience, I've learned what are the main problems that students have when learning piano.  And I decided to focus on these particular problems by creating these courses. 

➡️ The big problem is that most lessons and videos focus too much on just playing songs and miss out on the fundamentals.

Does this sound familiar?


You're trying to learn piano but:


  • The videos you watch are too fast for you to follow along and learn from properly

  • You know what to do but your fingers just don't cooperate and don't feel strong enough 

  • You start getting uncomfortable after playing for a short amount of time but don’t know how to sit in a way that prevents that

  • Reading notes seems too difficult and you’re not sure where to look

What if:


  • Everything you needed to know was broken down into clear, easy to follow instructions?

  • You're given the exercises you need to build up the finger strength you need to play

  • You know exactly how to sit and what to look out for so you are comfortable and injury safe

  • You get confident with reading the notes and feeling where the notes are on the keyboard so you’re not constantly looking back and forth from the music to your hands


Who is this for?


1. You've played piano previously and want to start playing again, but are having difficulty.

2. You've tried teaching yourself, but need more guidance.

3. You've been watching YouTube videos, but not getting enough value.

4. You want to get a good foundation in music.

5. You have some experience reading music.

How long do you need to be playing for?

       There’s no limit.


What if I'm a complete beginner?

        If you don't have some basic knowledge of notes, I've included a FREE Introductory Course called Piano Beginner's First Steps. 





What if I need help?

        Feel free to email me with any specific questions about your course or the courses, and I'll respond as soon as possible.

         Once you sign up for The Essential Piano Skills You Need to Progress course, you have lifetime access!  


🎹 The Essential Piano Skills You Need to Progress - includes the following 5 modules -

In this course, you’ll learn all the missing pieces you need to fill in the gaps that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.


Module 1- Why You Need to Have the Proper Piano Posture - A comprehensive guide to sitting and moving correctly so you stay safe and comfortable - this is what's missing for most beginners. 

Module 2-  5 Tips for Finger Strength and Dexterity - time to get those fingers to cooperate! Learn different exercises and techniques to build finger strength so you can move across the keys effortlessly. 

Module 3- What You Need to Know to be a Great Sight Reader -  Demystifying sight reading so you read quickly and confidently.  Also, offered as a separate mini-course.  

Module 4- The Rhythm Basics You Need to Know for Successful Playing - it doesn’t need to be tricky. 


Module 5- How to Achieve Hand Coordination on Piano - Finally your hands will cooperate together. 

Individual Mini-Courses:

✅ The Best Piano Practice Tips

 - Use your precious time wisely by following these best piano practice tips!

✅  Music Theory, the Missing Pieces

 - You know some theory, but then come across a notation and wonder how do I play this; where do I go next?  This mini-course is jam packed to make playing easier.

✅ What You Need to Know to Be a Great Sight Reader

 - This mini-course will give you the tools to become a great sight reader.  It's also Module 3 in the main course.

✅  Piano Beginner's First Steps


 - FREE intro course giving you the first steps in learning piano.


I'm just getting into teaching and I find your instructional videos very helpful.  You're a wonderfully succinct teacher and I'm trying to emulate that.
Thanks again!

Mindy Ng

Believe it or not, I was amazed that I can play most of the time without constantly looking down at my hands.  To me this is such progress in a short time.
Thank you for your guidance!

Aparna U.

Amber is an amazing teacher!! Patient, kind and a veteran in her field, she knows exactly how to guide her student even through online classes.   
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