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The Best Piano Practice Tips

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mini-course called Best Piano Practice Tips


This course consists of 8 lessons to help you get the most out of your practice. It details the exact steps to take when learning a piece. Included here are the mistakes to avoid, how to use the sustain pedal; and a BONUS lesson, the steps to take to have a great performance. Lesson 1 - How to Practice Your Music to Get the Best Results Lesson 2 - Why You Need to Learn Fingering Lesson 3 - The Secret to Learning Song Form Lesson 4 - Learn How to Perfect Your Musical Phrasing Now Lesson 5 - How to Play Without Making Mistakes Lesson 6 - 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Learning to Play the Piano Lesson 7 - Learn How to Use the Sustain Pedal to Achieve a Smooth Sound Lesson 8 - The Secret of How to Have Your Best Piano Performance in 8 Easy Steps

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