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Music Theory, the Missing Pieces

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mini-course called the Fundamentals of Music Theory You Might Be Missing


There are certain music notations you might come across in your music that you've never seen before, and you wonder how to play it. In this course, there are 10 lessons consisting of different types of notations; and you'll learn how to recognize them, what they mean and how to play them correctly; no more guessing! These include: Lesson 1 - The biggest mistake most students make with Accidentals Lesson 2 - Ties, Slurs & Accidental Rules You Need to Know Lesson 3 - The Stem Rule and the Exceptions Lesson 4 - The Different Forms of Octave Notation You Might Not Know Lesson 5 - How to Read Ledger Lines on the Grand Staff Lesson 6 - Learn How to Navigate Through Your Music Lesson 7 - Do You Know What Makes an Interval of a Third? Lesson 8 - How to Identify Major and Relative Minor Lesson 9 - What You Need to Know about the Harmonic Minor Scale Lesson 10 - What You Might Not Know about Accidentals

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