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Piano Beginner's First Steps

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mini-course called Piano Beginner's First Steps


This course is offered to you FREE of charge! These are the very essential first steps in learning to play the piano. This course includes 7 video lessons on technique, learning the names of the white piano keys, reading music, notes and rhythm, and learning a song on the black keys and Happy Birthday in 3 levels on the white keys by rote. Lesson 1 - The Basics of Playing Piano Lesson 2 - An Easy Way to Learn the White Piano Keys Lesson 3 - Happy Birthday, Level One Lesson 4 - Happy Birthday, Level Two Lesson 5 - Happy Birthday, Level Three Lesson 6 - Learning to Read Music, Part One Lesson 7 - Learning to Read Music, Part Two If afterwards, you need more guidance, sign up for private 1:1 lessons.

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