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The 5 Essential Piano Skills You Need to Progress

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🎹 Learning piano doesn’t need to be painful or uncomfortable. ❓Does this sound familiar? You're trying to learn piano but: ❌The videos you watch are too fast for you to follow along and learn from properly ❌You know what to do but your fingers just don’t cooperate and don't feel strong enough ❌You start getting uncomfortable after playing for a short amount of time, but don’t know how to sit in a way that prevents that ❌Reading notes seems too difficult and you’re not sure where to look What if: ✅ Everything you needed to know was broken down into clear, easy to follow instructions? ✅You are given the exercises you need to build up the finger dexterity you need to play ✅You know exactly how to sit and what to look out for so you are comfortable and injury safe ✅You get confident with reading the notes and feeling where the notes are on the keyboard so you’re not constantly looking back and forth ✨In this course you’ll learn the missing pieces to fill in the gaps that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. It'll help you get over the challenges you're facing and gain the knowledge and technical skills to play the music you only dreamed of playing. Course Modules: 🎵 Why You Need to Have Proper Piano Posture 🎵 5 Tips for Finger Strength and Dexterity 🎵 The Rhythm Basics for Successful Playing 🎵 How to Achieve Hand Coordination on Piano 🎵 The Most Important Tools for Sight Reading Proficiency Let's get started now!

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