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Adult Online Piano Courses

Learning piano doesn’t need to be overwhelming, and you don't have to do it alone. These courses address the most common problems you face.


The big problem is that most lessons and videos focus too much on just note reading or chords and miss out on the fundamentals that make playing comfortable.

Does this sound familiar?


You're trying to learn piano but:


  • The videos you watch are too fast for you to follow along and learn from properly

  • You know what to do but your fingers just don't cooperate and don't feel strong enough 

  • You start getting uncomfortable after playing for a short amount of time but don’t know how to sit in a way that prevents that

  • Reading notes seems too difficult and you’re not sure where to look

What if:


  • Everything you needed to know was broken down into clear, easy to follow instructions?

  • You are given the exercises you need to build up the finger strength you need to play

  • You know exactly how to sit and what to look out for so you are comfortable and injury safe

  • You get confident with reading the notes and feeling where the notes are on  the keyboard so you’re not constantly looking back and forth from the music to your hands

Introducing: Basic Essentials for Adult Piano Learners Course 

In this course, you’ll learn all the missing pieces you need to fill in the gaps that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.


What you’ll learn


Module 1- Why You Need to Have the Proper Piano Posture - A comprehensive guide to sitting and moving correctly so you stay safe and comfortable - you won't find this anywhere else, this is what is missing for most beginners. 


  • Lesson 1 - 5 Tips for Sitting Correctly at the Piano

  • Lesson 2 - Proper Wrist Action When Playing the Piano 

  • Lesson 3 - The Use of Arm Weight When Playing the Piano

  • Lesson 4 - The Simple Technique for the Two Note Slur 

Module 2-  5 Tips for Finger Strength and Dexterity - time to get those fingers to cooperate! Learn different exercises and techniques to build finger strength so you can move across the keys effortlessly. 


  • Lesson 1 - Finger Exercises

  • Lesson 2 - Thumb Tuck Exercises

  • Lesson 3 - Scale Rhythm Variations 

  • Lesson 4 - Scales on the Black Keys

  • Lesson 5 - The Importance of Fingering

Module 3-  The Most Important Tools for Sight Reading Proficiency -  Demystifying sight reading so you read quickly and confidently.


  • Lesson 1 - The Benefits of Recognizing Intervals for Sight Reading- Recognizing intervals and direction in music so you're not just winging it note by note but know how to recognize full phrases for much quicker reading 

  • Lesson 2 - The Secret to Learning Keyboard Topography- creating a deep understanding of how the keyboard is laid out

  • Lesson 3 - The Top 5 Ways to Become a Great Sight Reader

  • Lesson 4 - The One Mistake that a Lot of People Make When First Playing a Piano Piece

Module 4- The Rhythm Basics You Need to Know for Successful Playing - it doesn’t need to be tricky 


  • Lesson 1 - Why You Need to Understand Time Signatures

  • Lesson 2 - Revealing the Meaning of the Dot

  • Lesson 3 - The Step by Step Approach to Counting Rhythms

  • Lesson 4 - The Benefits of Learning How to Play with the Metronome

  • Lesson 5 - Discover Some Interesting Time Signatures You Might Encounter



Module 5- How to Achieve Hand Coordination on Piano - Finally your hands will cooperate together 


  • Lesson 1 - Learn How to PlayTwo HandsTogether with Ease

  • Lesson 2 - The Secret to Learning How to Play One Hand Softer

  • Lesson 3 - Learn How to Play Two Hands Together with Syncopation

Mini-Course:  The Best Piano Practice Tips 


  • Lesson 1 - How to Practice Your Music to Get the Best Results

  • Lesson 2 - Why You Need to Learn Fingering

  • Lesson 3 - The Secret to Learning Song Form

  • Lesson 4 - Learn How to Perfect Your Musical Phrasing Now

  • Lesson 5 - How to Play Without Making Mistakes

  • Lesson 6 - 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Learning to Play the Piano

  • Lesson 7 - Learn How to Use the Sustain Pedal to Achieve a Smooth Sound

  • Lesson 8 - The Secret of How to Have Your Best Piano Performance in 8 Easy Step  



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